After reading these tips, you might think your home is pretty clean. These common sense little habits can actually increase the peace, happiness, and health of your loved ones. So pat yourself on the back as you peruse this list of healthy, germ-preventing habits.

Clean bed sheets

Housewives, or the one who does the laundry, you are making a valuable contribution to your family’s well-being by washing the bed clothes on a regular schedule. At least once each week is the minimum time scale to prevent accumulation of germs that might pass along an illness. Along with frequent laundering, add a wash ball to the machine. These additives are antibacterial, soften your fabric without harsh chemicals, are biodegradable, clean without detergent, plus other positive characteristics.

For bloodstains, clean with seltzer water, which is known to be able to remove most blood spills.

Bad Breath

Keep your breath socially friendly. You don’t want friends to go home early, or not visit al all, ever. Some people have a harder time with breath that others, but there are basic steps to keeping your mouth fresh that can become habitual, and beneficial.

Flossing to remove stuck food from between your teeth can be done throughout the day. This will prevent the decomposing food from leaving a bad odor in your mouth from germs.

Water, drink lots of water. Everyone advocates drinking water, but do you make the effort to drink six to eight glasses every day? This is a health tip that will keep your mouth moist and your body functioning properly. Dry mouths accumulate an odor.

The miracle of the ages, baking soda, can be used to prevent mouth germs by making it into toothpaste. Just add water and a toothbrush.

Picnic precautions

Warm weather entices us to spend the day outside and soak up the sunshine. Going with friends on a picnic is a fun way to enjoy the weather, but pay attention to foods that might need temperature control. For instance, homemade salads like chicken, egg and potato are made with mayonnaise and can become rancid when they get warm. Keep them in a cooler to avoid spoiling the picnic with a case of food poisoning. While preparing picnic food, wash your hands, and don’t lick the spoon! Also, wipe off counter tops and utensils with cleansers.

Things not to do:

Avoid melons. They are a breeding ground for salmonella.

Don’t cook ahead. This gives bacteria time to form.

Control temperatures. Keep hot foods in a warm place and cold foods in a cooler.

There are more precautions to be taken, but remember, clean, clean, clean.

What’s Around Your House?

Some types of germs may be just lying around your house, waiting to make a home and multiply in some warm, damp place. When housecleaning, wearing disposable gloves will be an asset toward depriving germs like Hepatitis A, B or C, HIV and other blood-borne pathogens or parasites from infecting loved ones.

Our pets and our children sometimes aren’t as neat as we would like and might leave their feces in inconvenient places. Wear gloves while cleaning pet and bathroom areas with effective cleansers and throw away feces in a double bag. Vomit also can be a hiding place for germs including blood.

If a blood spill is a danger, clean it with bleach, which will kill most deadly germs.

Wash you hands!


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