Damage due to cigarette smoke is less of an annoyance than a few decades ago, but smoke on clothing and leftover in your car is still very easy to detect. Second hand smoke is also a health hazard, an additional reason to eliminate stale smoke odors. It’s a shame we have to take measures to protect our family’s health from the difficult habits of others that we care about, but it can be done, and here is how.

First choice is always to open windows wide and allow the fresh breezes to waft through your home. It’s like when you dry your clean laundry outside on the clothesline, everything will be fresh and sweet.

Another great technique for fresh air in your home is to rub a light, floral scented perfume on a light bulb and leave on the light. When the bulb becomes hot, the heat will send the scent throughout your room. You will want to keep walking into that room, and the smell of stale cigarettes will be gone, gone, gone.

Baking soda is a miracle solution for almost all your cleaning problems. To eliminate smoke odor from carpets, rugs, and upholstery, liberally sprinkle the baking soda around the room, let it set overnight, and vacuum the room the next day.

Vinegar, another all-purpose product, can help with odors. Soak a cloth, wring it out, and then wave it around the air briefly. It will capture and eliminate problem smoke odors.

When the smoke from cigarettes has seeped into personal items, like gloves, woolen hats, or a small pillow, toss them into a plastic bag and add one or two fabric softener sheets. Let the bag with the items set overnight.

Leather furniture can also be affected by smoke from tobacco products. This cleaning process is fairly simple. You have a few options. Clean with a mixture of dish soap and water, or use vinegar with the water in equal parts. Finish off the process with a sprinkling of baking soda that you can vacuum up the next day.

Along with techniques you can try, there are also a few trustworthy products you should keep on hand. Southland, at, offers their odor eliminating candle in an array of luscious scents. You will love your home when it smells like Gardenia Delight, Spring Rain, Peachy, Creamy Vanilla or one of the other inspiring scents at Southland. These candles will work hard to rid your home of tobacco odor, cigar, cigarettes, pipes, and other embarrassing odors, like those from pets. They come packaged in a jar, a very safe idea because you can let them burn and won’t need to worry about the waxy drips or the flames.

Neutron Industries makes some very effective cleaning solutions, and their NI-712 Lavender Meadow Super Concentrated Odor Eliminator is sure to obliterate your airborne odors. Neutron Industries does have a website, but it doesn’t work well. Call them at 888-712-7127. Their product, D-Molish will gobble up odors from problems, like pet messes. D-Molish not only cleans the mess, but you won’t find a trace of the odor or stain left behind.


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