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Cleaning of the house is an essential thing, even if you are not up for it still you will have to do it otherwise your house will look like a mess.

But when it comes to cleaning different parts of the house they need to be cleaned with different products to get a better result. Cleaning is especially inevitable if you are moving into a new home

To clean the floor you will need a different product than the one you use to clean the floor or the one used to clean the sinks. One house cleaner is simply not enough for all cleaning tasks.

There are two types of cleaning products available in the market, one which needs to be sprayed on the surface while others are liquid cleaners. The liquid cleaners will need just a little more effort from your side compared to the spray cleaners.

With spray cleaners, you can spray some on the surface and then swipe it but with the liquid cleaners, you will have to remove the cap, pour it, swipe it, and then don’t forget to rinse it. The spray cleaners are easy to use but you will have to do three to five sprays to get enough amount on the surface.

When choosing a cleaner don’t go with the ones which have a fruity smell or has a label with the fruits on it, go for the one which has a childproof cap. Because if you have children then they may reach out to it because of the sight of a fruit. Also don’t buy products with harmful chemicals in them, look for a logo on the cleaning product which says “Safer Choice”, this is the certification that is earned only when the products fulfill all the strict health-related terms set by the EPA. This means they won’t come with any materials which pose a potential health risk.



Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Clean
When it comes to cleaning, one of the most hated areas of the home to work on is the bathroom but this task needs to be done regularly. If you hire a cleaning service, you won’t have to do too much work but should still take small steps to keep the space clean and hygienic.

Clogged Shower Heads
One of the most common problems in the bathroom is a clogged shower head. This should not be a cause for concern as it has a very easy fix. Just remove the shower head and put it in hot water with vinegar. Anything clogging it, including calcium, will be loosened.

Reduce Water Marks
Sometimes even a weekly thorough cleaning isn’t enough to completely get rid of water marks in the shower so you should do whatever you can to stop them from forming. A great idea is to keep a small squeegee in the shower and use it on the walls after your shower.

Reduce Hair Clogs
Depending on how long your hair is as well as the hair length of other people in your household, shower drains can get clogged incredibly quickly. To help prevent these clogs, take a little bit of nylon netting and place it over your drain. It will catch the hair and make it easy to clean.

Quick Vacuuming
To stop the accumulation of dust, hair or other particles in your bathroom try to keep a small vacuum or dust buster handy. Use this on your bathroom rugs and floor every day to make it easier to clean later on.

Eliminate Odors
If you are worried about the smell in your bathroom, one of the easiest ways to fix this is to invest in a fresh candle or a basket of potpourri. With those items in place you won’t have to worry about unpleasant odors.



Commercial Cleaning is a term used by companies that carry out cleaning jobs and tasks on a variety of wide premises. They use a wide number of techniques and tools of cleaning methods, plus equipment and chemicals to facilitate the cleaning process. It is basically the cleaning of any commercial property; either it is anything, commercial defined as any place where business is done on a wide scale.

They provide services to a variety of options, including offices, retail stores, banks and hospitals, restaurants and bars and clubs, car dealerships and much more. These companies offer numerous services to ensure that a property requested to be cleaned is sparkling at day and nights. Commercial Cleaning companies actually provide services for each of the stuff that require thorough cleaning, like carpet, curtain, window, general cleaning, providing consumables, cleaning the common and public areas, removing the graffiti, cleaning of bathrooms, malls, hardwood floors, lawn or the garden maintenance, recycling of rubbish and securely dumping of documentation, all either on a large scale or a smaller one.

The commercial cleaning company has specially designed uniforms, for identification as well as they carry photo for identification that they display on a request. The employees are also checked thoroughly by the police in a specific society to provide a peace of mind. The Commercial Cleaning cost mostly depends on the time the particular cleaning takes, plus frequency of the visits.

There is a quote given to one on his request by the Commercial Cleaning companies that covers all of the services that one expects the employee to perform. Moreover, the contract made with them will last for as long as the mutual agreement is there. The contract can either be monthly or quarterly, or even yearly depending on the customer’s preferences.



After reading these tips, you might think your home is pretty clean. These common sense little habits can actually increase the peace, happiness, and health of your loved ones. So pat yourself on the back as you peruse this list of healthy, germ-preventing habits.

Clean bed sheets

Housewives, or the one who does the laundry, you are making a valuable contribution to your family’s well-being by washing the bed clothes on a regular schedule. At least once each week is the minimum time scale to prevent accumulation of germs that might pass along an illness. Along with frequent laundering, add a wash ball to the machine. These additives are antibacterial, soften your fabric without harsh chemicals, are biodegradable, clean without detergent, plus other positive characteristics.

For bloodstains, clean with seltzer water, which is known to be able to remove most blood spills.

Bad Breath

Keep your breath socially friendly. You don’t want friends to go home early, or not visit al all, ever. Some people have a harder time with breath that others, but there are basic steps to keeping your mouth fresh that can become habitual, and beneficial.

Flossing to remove stuck food from between your teeth can be done throughout the day. This will prevent the decomposing food from leaving a bad odor in your mouth from germs.

Water, drink lots of water. Everyone advocates drinking water, but do you make the effort to drink six to eight glasses every day? This is a health tip that will keep your mouth moist and your body functioning properly. Dry mouths accumulate an odor.

The miracle of the ages, baking soda, can be used to prevent mouth germs by making it into toothpaste. Just add water and a toothbrush.

Picnic precautions

Warm weather entices us to spend the day outside and soak up the sunshine. Going with friends on a picnic is a fun way to enjoy the weather, but pay attention to foods that might need temperature control. For instance, homemade salads like chicken, egg and potato are made with mayonnaise and can become rancid when they get warm. Keep them in a cooler to avoid spoiling the picnic with a case of food poisoning. While preparing picnic food, wash your hands, and don’t lick the spoon! Also, wipe off counter tops and utensils with cleansers.

Things not to do:

Avoid melons. They are a breeding ground for salmonella.

Don’t cook ahead. This gives bacteria time to form.

Control temperatures. Keep hot foods in a warm place and cold foods in a cooler.

There are more precautions to be taken, but remember, clean, clean, clean.

What’s Around Your House?

Some types of germs may be just lying around your house, waiting to make a home and multiply in some warm, damp place. When housecleaning, wearing disposable gloves will be an asset toward depriving germs like Hepatitis A, B or C, HIV and other blood-borne pathogens or parasites from infecting loved ones.

Our pets and our children sometimes aren’t as neat as we would like and might leave their feces in inconvenient places. Wear gloves while cleaning pet and bathroom areas with effective cleansers and throw away feces in a double bag. Vomit also can be a hiding place for germs including blood.

If a blood spill is a danger, clean it with bleach, which will kill most deadly germs.

Wash you hands!

(Photo: child washing hands, people camping or on a picnic, a Dr. with a patient saying “Ah!”)



Ladies! Do you thrive on housekeeping and take personal pride in every square inch of your home and its features? You probably do, that is, if you have the time for housework. Laundry chores, and keeping the condition of your family’s clothing looking as new, are valuable skills. Here are a few tips to brighten your laundry results, and your day, by making the job easier.
For freshness, try a clothesline:
To have a clothesline, especially for families living in urban areas, is a luxury. Drying your laundry in the sunshine and fresh breezes leaves a distinctly fresh odor that makes wearing them pleasurable. It also has the bonus of being economical. You can make a simple clothesline for yourself using clothesline of a length that will reach from your porch to a tree, or between two windows, a metal eye hook, sailor’s cleat, metal eye hook, and a snap shackle.
Attach the metal eye hook to your chosen location and add the sailor’s cleat below it, about one foot. Thread the clothesline through the metal eye hook and wrap one end around the sailor’s cleat. The hook, fastened to a post or tree some distance from the eye hook will conveniently allow the snap shackle, with the other end of the clothesline firmly tied, to attach. After removing your fresh-smelling clothes from the line, the added convenience is in the clothesline’s portability.
(Photo: clothes on clothesline blowing in the breeze.)

Consider the color:
A simple habit that you should make a part of your fabric-care routine is using cool water. Cooler temperature water will prevent the colors of your garments from running and keep them in the original shade much longer.
Another trick, not a very new one, is using liquid bluing for your whites. Your grandmother probably used bluing, but it does work and has many other household uses, as well. A small bottle of only eight fluid ounces goes a long way because you need to dilute it before adding it to your wash. Liquid bluing brightens all colors, but especially the white garments that need to be extra bright.
Two other products that will be helpful with your colors are washing soda and borax. These additives will help your detergent and also soften the water. They also have whitening and deodorizing properties which, I am sure you will agree, are very useful. If you want, you can use them together, but be careful that they don’t clump, that will slow down their dissolving. (Photos: crisp, white shirts or bright colored clothes, like a red dress or something blue.)
Remove Stains:
Our poor clothes suffer ugly stains from many sources, sometimes the ones we least expect. We wear our favorite shirt or dress in spite of slight discolorations. But, stains will disappear if you do your job. As soon as you drop chocolate or ketchup on your outfit, brush the goo off and soak the garment for about 20 minutes. Rinsing immediately will dilute the stain. It can also be pretreated with detergent or stain remover before washing. Don’t allow the food item to dry on your garment in the laundry basket. By the time you do your wash, the stain will be permanent. (Photo: stained garments, children’s clothes or a shirt.)



Cleaning products have become increasingly more and more popular in our societies over the last couple of decades, especially with the consistent improvements that our technology has been constantly making nonstop. These technological advances and movements have enabled human beings to come up with newer, easier, and more complex solutions for the purpose of making our everyday lives so much simpler and more efficient. This is a great thing, as it enables us to complete our household work much faster and without as much stress, therefore letting us have more free time to engage in various other more important activities. However, according to Chicago Cleaning Services these marvelous inventions also have a bit of a minor setback: they tend to involve some harmful chemicals that can potentially affect the environment in negative ways once they are released. Therefore, some environmentalists, as well as just ordinary people who care about our planet Earth in general, are now thinking of various ways and solutions that can help limit our impact on the environment through the continued use of these excellent cleaning products, which have indeed proven to be very helpful.

Therefore, if you are truly concerned for the environment and for how to keep our planet Earth cleaner and healthier, there are some guidelines that can help you get started.

For instance, one strategy is to make your own cleaning products instead of buying them in liquid form. This enables you to use less of the product and still get the same cleaning results. Another thing you can do is also use natural cleaning products, such as baking soda or lemon juice- they can be very powerful too! Also, make sure you always follow the directions written on any cleaning product labeling so as to ensure you are not overusing a product or chemical.



Cleaning improperly may cause damage to a certain type of surface, for instance, or not clean something thoroughly enough, which defeats the purpose of chore in the first place. This is why there are tips- secrets and skills that have been accumulated over the years by those who face the depressing task of cleaning every single day. Those who must deal with it on a daily basis know that they have acquired a significantly larger amount of cleaning experience within their lives than those who are relatively new to this task. They are often more aware of the types of products that may ruin a new piece of expensive furniture, for instance, or be more familiar with the methods of cleaning that work best for a specific kind of flooring that is otherwise seemingly unclean able. For a beginner cleaner, or for someone who is totally clueless when it comes to putting together a house, those kinds of tips and strategies can prove to be extremely beneficial, made especially necessary when the person has little time to invest in the discovering and testing of various cleaning products, supplies, and ways. Therefore, the fact that there are reliable people to turn to for information and helpful tips can end up being a lifesaver for many newbies out there. While few of us may enjoy the task of cleaning, we can all aid each other and come together to create a list of the best cleaning strategies. And that is exactly what this site is for. Welcome to the Secrets of Cleaning.

Most people do not considered cleaning a skill of extreme value or something that actually requires quite a bit of knowledge and consideration. Usually, people assume that cleaning is an easy, relatively simple task that can be performed by anyone at all, meaning that they do not necessarily need any kind of specialized skills in the department. Cleaning is considered a daily monotonous task for those who are used to it, and in general, the mass of population tends to despise this chore, as it does not often yield showing rewards or any kind of feeling of success. Instead, cleaning tends to bring us down and make us feel tired and pointless, especially since it is something that must be done regularly if an area is to be kept clean longer than several hours. However, in actuality, cleaning is a challenge that requires quite a bit of dedication as well as preparation and knowledge.



Damage due to cigarette smoke is less of an annoyance than a few decades ago, but smoke on clothing and leftover in your car is still very easy to detect. Second hand smoke is also a health hazard, an additional reason to eliminate stale smoke odors. It’s a shame we have to take measures to protect our family’s health from the difficult habits of others that we care about, but it can be done, and here is how.

First choice is always to open windows wide and allow the fresh breezes to waft through your home. It’s like when you dry your clean laundry outside on the clothesline, everything will be fresh and sweet.

Another great technique for fresh air in your home is to rub a light, floral scented perfume on a light bulb and leave on the light. When the bulb becomes hot, the heat will send the scent throughout your room. You will want to keep walking into that room, and the smell of stale cigarettes will be gone, gone, gone.

Baking soda is a miracle solution for almost all your cleaning problems. To eliminate smoke odor from carpets, rugs, and upholstery, liberally sprinkle the baking soda around the room, let it set overnight, and vacuum the room the next day.

Vinegar, another all-purpose product, can help with odors. Soak a cloth, wring it out, and then wave it around the air briefly. It will capture and eliminate problem smoke odors.

When the smoke from cigarettes has seeped into personal items, like gloves, woolen hats, or a small pillow, toss them into a plastic bag and add one or two fabric softener sheets. Let the bag with the items set overnight.

Leather furniture can also be affected by smoke from tobacco products. This cleaning process is fairly simple. You have a few options. Clean with a mixture of dish soap and water, or use vinegar with the water in equal parts. Finish off the process with a sprinkling of baking soda that you can vacuum up the next day.

Along with techniques you can try, there are also a few trustworthy products you should keep on hand. Southland, at, offers their odor eliminating candle in an array of luscious scents. You will love your home when it smells like Gardenia Delight, Spring Rain, Peachy, Creamy Vanilla or one of the other inspiring scents at Southland. These candles will work hard to rid your home of tobacco odor, cigar, cigarettes, pipes, and other embarrassing odors, like those from pets. They come packaged in a jar, a very safe idea because you can let them burn and won’t need to worry about the waxy drips or the flames.

Neutron Industries makes some very effective cleaning solutions, and their NI-712 Lavender Meadow Super Concentrated Odor Eliminator is sure to obliterate your airborne odors. Neutron Industries does have a website, but it doesn’t work well. Call them at 888-712-7127. Their product, D-Molish will gobble up odors from problems, like pet messes. D-Molish not only cleans the mess, but you won’t find a trace of the odor or stain left behind.



Our kitchen decor can be as various as the rest of the home or even our personal wardrobe. Granite and other natural stones are popular materials for countertops. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, and granite gives the impression of a clean kitchen that looks more expensive than some popular materials from recent past decades.

First, be sure of what type of counter top you have. There are also products that strongly resemble natural stone, and in those cases, you should follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. Also, remember, darker stone surfaces are less porous than lighter stones. This will make a slight difference in the type of cleaning products you can use without harming your countertop over time.

Now, that you know your countertops are actual granite, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to help you care for your kitchen.

DO: One tip is to clean as you cook.

DO: Wipe off perspiration from glasses and drips from sauces as you prepare them, and stay away from some foods, like red wine or grease that will stain your lovely granite. Granite, though beautiful, has the tendency to streak, and natural stone countertops are porous.

DON’T: Allow the counters to soak up stain causing liquids.

DON’T: Use abrasive cleaning products on hardened food.

DO: Clean with mild soap in warm water to keep your countertops clean on a regular basis.

DON’T: Use products like Windex that will cause damage to granite over time and harm the polished surface. Watch out for cleaners that leave a dull appearance or small etches. If the effect is slight, it could build over time.

DO: Use a microfiber cloth to buff and dry countertops when cleaning. A microfiber cloth removes streaks and drying the granite eliminates water that might have dirt remaining, or calcium that will cause a hard water stain.

DO: Use a cleaner that is especially made for granite countertops. These products protect the sealer and fight against fingerprints and smudges.

DO: Use a granite top sealer for protection.

DO: Use a granite countertop cleaner, like MB-5 Marble, Granite and More Spray, or mix ½ cup alcohol with a few drops of dish soap in a spray bottle. Fill the bottle with water. This cleaner will be a pH neutral disinfectant cleaner.

DON’T: Use a low pH cleaner on natural stones with calcite, such as polished white marble. They will harm the surface, etch and dull it.

DON’T: A high pH cleaner is not recommended, either. They are alkaline and overly harsh for natural stone surfaces.

DO: Clean stained granite right away. Mineral spirits or acetone works well on ink stains. Ammonia or bleach can be used to clean grease or oil based stains. Hydrogen peroxide will clean food stains.

DO: Try Method Spray Granite cleaner. It is recommended by homeowners with granite countertops.

DO: Try Granite Gold Daily Cleaner on black granite for a no-streak finish.

DO: One more recommended product for you to consider is Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner and Conditioner for a streak free shine.



Your fine china may have been left to you by your mother, a precious possession for sure, or it may have been a wedding present. Maybe you saved your pennies and shopped until you found just the right set of beautiful dinner service ware to use on special occasions. However, you acquired your fine china, you no doubt take pride in setting on your table and want it to look perfect.

Remember this helpful, common sense tip. Do not allow food to set on your lovely dishes. Wash them soon after completing your meal. First clean off remaining food with a rubber spatula, then rinse, and wash them using warm water with a mild dish detergent and soft sponge, nothing abrasive. Wasn’t that easy?

Protect your dishes from unintentional harsh treatment while washing them by lining your sink with a towel, or using a small plastic tub. Move the spout aside to avoid dinging the chinaware. Do not wear jewelry that might scratch your china. This last tip is helpful also to prevent losing your precious rings down the drain.

Do not stack your dishes in the sink, instead wash them individually, and avoid using hot water, especially on china with a metallic decoration or trim that might flake. Gently slide your china into the water to avoid a quick change in temperature that might crack your china. To remove stubborn, stuck-on food, use baking soda.

China can acquire stains the same as other kitchenware. Normal use can leave marks from knifes or serving spoons. Baking soda to the rescue! Using a damp sponge in a dab of the baking soda, gently rub those annoying marks and remove them. Another surprising remedy might be salt, or your everyday toothpaste used in the same manner. china

You might also like to try soaking your china pieces instead of rubbing them with the baking soda. Mix one-quarter cup to each gallon of hot water and pour the water mixture into your cups or teapot. Let them soak for an hour and then wash as recommended. If your stains turn out to be stubborn, mix about a one-quarter teaspoon of salt with one tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar. Scrub your china with this new combination using something soft. Rinse in cool water with one-quarter cup of vinegar added to a gallon.

Allowing your clean dishes to air-dry could result in spots. Instead, rub them with a soft, clean towel.

Prevent coffee or tea stains on your delicate cups by cleaning them soon after your meal. Use a mixture of one part hydrogen peroxide to three parts water, with a drop of ammonia added, and rinse with warm water. Avoid cracking your fine china by adding milk first, or by using a spoon in the cup, and then pouring the hot or coffee over the spoon.

Now you can keep your mother’s fine china looking beautiful for the next generation with these tips that are easy to follow, and using items you probably have around your kitchen.